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You represent Mississippi Plus America (MSPA) in your local area! As a local titleholder (e.g. "Miss Greenville Plus America) includes your crown, sash, and official MSPA shirt. You will also be amongst an amazing group of women just like yourself who want to show the world that we have MORE to offer! This is a perfect opportunity to showcase your platform and be an effective role model in your community.

In addition to the pageant, we host workshops, socials and community service events throughout the year. So its not just a pageant - its an EXPERIENCE!




The overall winner of the Mississippi Plus America pageant (in each of the Miss, Ms. and  Mrs. categories) will receive:

  • Official MSPA crown, sash and bouquet

  • Official Photoshoot 

  • Paid Entry Fees for National Miss Plus America pageant. Exact amount may vary depending on funds raised by delegate. The Little Miss/Teen Category is a scholarship category only and does not advance to nationals.

What if I have never been in a pageant?

Perfect! We have a Beauty Bootcamp that will help you with everything you need to prepare for your special pageant night. From confidence, to strutting, we've got you covered! Our pageant is open to every plus sized woman who wants to build confidence and inspire others! We also have resources for hair, makeup, talent coaches and fashion stylists to help you prepare.

How much will it cost?

Your out of pocket expenses are: $400 Registration fee as a local titleholder ($200 due immediately upon acceptance into the MSPA system. Balance is due no later than Dec 1st no exceptions). Discounted $50 OFF Registration before Sept 1. Additional $50 Late Registration Fee will be applied after November 1.  This fee includes your local crown and sash, pageant document materials and official MSPA shirt. 


Optional Payments: Optional pageant categories are $20 each. These two OPTIONAL payments are due by December 1.

We start recruitment in July/August so participants can have time to save and participate for the pageant in the following year of March. During the year, we also host events for our delegates.


Pageant night expenses may include but are not limited to: hair, makeup, and attire for the night of the pageant. However, you may already have some items in your closet or can find great pieces second-hand! Out of town participants will also need to secure hotel/travel arrangements.

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