Miss Plus America 2019-2020, former Miss Mississippi Plus America 2019


Oxford, MS


Service Platform:

St. Jude Children's Hospital

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I work a full time job at a local office. In my spare time I like to hang out with my friends, do my artwork, fish, and help others. I am proud to be your Miss Oxford Mississippi Plus America!


I chose St. Jude's Children's Hospital as my platform for several reasons. I am one of four directors who help put on a charity pageant each year for St. Jude. 100% of the funds goes to the children's hospital. Another reason why I chose this platform is because I have met so many people throughout doing the Tri Lakes Annual Pageant for St. Jude that have either been a patient of St. Jude, currently a patient, or they know someone who is a patient. This hospital helps so many children and families completely free of charge. I chose this platform to help others and to help an organization that is bigger than myself. We never know when we might need St. Jude Children's Hospital's help. I was actually able to go on the tour of the hospital this year and I have fell more in love with this organization. One really neat fact is that Elvis Presley was one of the original donors to this hospital, but he didn't donate money like most people did. He actually donate one of his boats so they could turn it into a profit. I would like to thank my sponsors Amit's Hallmark of Oxford, Merle Norman of Oxford, and Laura Hood. Thank you for always believing in me.

MSPA Promo Flyers (Website).png
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