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MS Sickle Cell Foundation

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I am Marceshia, also known as Keisha and QueenMB. I've been a Pharmacy Technician for over 12 years. I'm also a single mother of 1 handsome young man. I really enjoy music, art, festivals, sparkle, architecture, bowling, beaches, and boats. I love spending time with family, Interior Design, Travel, Ethnic foods, and helping people. As a BBW, I'm excited to be accepted as apart of the Mississippi Plus America Pageant!


I chose this platform because it not only primary effects certain ethnicities, it effects my family. As a carrier of the gene and daughter of one of Sickle Cell's biggest fighters. Sickle Cell Desease is an inherited disorder. In which, red blood cells contort into sickle shape; resulting in a shortage of healthy red blood cells. As a result, blood flow is blocked, causing severe pain. Infections, pain and fatigue are the most common symptoms. Treatment can help but there is no cure.
Although I carry the sickle cell gene, I do not have the disease. It was difficult watching my mother during a sickle cell crisis. Throughout my childhood, she was in and out of the hospital. Describing her condition can be summed up as a roller coaster effect. I had to grow up early in life to help my mother. At times, I had to be strong enough to carry her. With her condition, she did her best to raise me as a single mother. She was proud of me even when I wasn’t proud of myself. I am grateful to have a mother like her that instilled inspiration in me. My mother Pamela E. Berry is still with me spiritually although she lost her battle to the sickle cell disease in January 2014.
I stand for my mother and l'll stand for you.

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