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It’s hard to write about yourself sometimes because you don’t want to appear to arrogant, bossy, prissy, or even stuck up. I can start by saying that’s I’m not much different from the average God fearing woman that is living in a world that can make you feel high as a kite one day and low as dirt on other days. I can truly say that I’m blessed in the sense that I know that there are other people that live a much more complicated life than my own, and for that I am thankful.

I’m born and raised in Tupelo and by my parents Sonya and Terry Westbrook. I have a beautiful 6-year old daughter who means the work to me. I’ve been employed with Directv/AT&T for 9 years now and my current position is Quality Analyst. I’ve attended Northwest Community College and Mississippi State University in the past, but I’m currently enrolled at Keiser University majoring in a Medical Assisting Science. My hobbies are singing Soprano the church choir and playing in makeup! I’m excited and honored to be competing for the Mississippi Plus America Crown!


I chose The Dyslexia Foundation because my daughter was diagnosed last year. When I found out she had this learning disorder I was devastated that my child would have to go through these challenges. She was held back last year for not passing Reading by 1 point. I felt like had failed my child. I then discovered that she inherited this disorder from her father and his family. I have been working with the teachers to better understand what she needs and the progress that she has made is amazing. My daughter has made all A’s this school year and she even got student of the month. I would love to help give back to this organization so they can help other parents like me that just want to understand and help their children succeed in their education.

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Thanks in advance for your encouraging words AND Support!