Mrs. Rankin County 2021-2022


Brandon, MS

Service Platform:

AIDS Foundation

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In the Year of 2006, Aaroney Dennis-Williams graduated from Laymen’s Bible School (later renamed Faith Bible Institute). Upon completion of her theological studies, she was publicly set apart and ordained sealing her Kingdom identity. She holds a Bachelor of Business Administration from Jackson State University, Jackson, MS, USA. She also holds a certification in Cosmetology from Career Development Center (CDC) of Jackson, MS, USA. She is currently enrolled in a dual degree program to obtain both her masters and doctoral in education from South University, Atlanta, GA, USA.
Within her 18 years of ongoing ministry, she has become recognized by many as a mentor, entrepreneur, educator, speaker, and leader. As an interactive leader, she has hosted several encouraging, uplifting, and empowering meetings with women to restore the meaning of true physical beauty and strengthen the beauty of their inner being. Her areas of influence upon many women are physical, mental, and substance abuse. Her goal for women is to create a safe haven for them to grow past hurdles of pain, rejection, abandonment, and abuse helping them to rebuild and gravitate to the woman Abba Father has called them to be in the earth. As the Founder of The Ambers of Faith Women Ministry at Apostolic Provokers Church Worldwide, she works effortless to build a community of hope, guidance, and restoration for all women.
Willingly serving as senior leader and elect-lady at APCW. In addition, she enjoys her calling to education and fulfills this calling by operating daily as a certified teacher at Little Ambassadors DLC where she is the Pre- K and Kindergarten Teacher. Prophetess Aaroney Nicole loves spending time with her husband, Apostle Demonparis, and (3) children James Josiah, Aaliyah, and Jeremiah.


I chose Aids Awareness Foundation as my service platform because I lost my mother to Aids at the age of 13 years old. She was 35 years old when she died not knowing that she could beat the disease or how she could fight for her life after contracting it through rape. Being aware of the company you keep and learning your body as it changes is the knowledge I would have shared with my mom. She did not know the value of her life and how she could have empowered and helped others survive. We as women forget the beauty that is within ourselves and neglect our outward beauty, so as a result we settle for less than we deserve. Yes, she was a victim but instead of rising from the ashes she allowed those ashes to overtake her, and she allowed the disease to rob her of her life and hope. There are many resources and also help, but we must be willing to not allow our skeletons of fears to blind us from seeking the help that we need. She was diagnosed too late and within months her body begin to deteriorate before my eyes. I watched this beautiful, full of life, woman die daily with no aid of empowerment or proper aid from an Aids Awareness Foundation or platform. At age 13 years old I learned a hard lesson about life, beauty, and rising to take charge of my own life.
As a result, I have dedicated everything about my life to living out her legacy and using her legacy to empower, uplift, and educate many women concerning their overall health status. My sister and I honor her memory each year by getting tested on National World Aids Day and educating as many people as we can about the HIV/ AIDS virus and preventative measures. The motto behind my service platform is “Know the signs, know the risk, take care of yourself. Don’t take your partners word, know for yourself. If you want to be sexually active protect yourself, protect your partner, please don’t be afraid to ask for help. Once you know your status commit to living and getting the help that you need and not letting it defeat you.”

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