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Miss Heart of Jackson 2021-2022


Jackson, Mississippi


Service Platform:

Mental Health Wellness & Awareness



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About Me

Brianne’ Epps is a woman of faith, mother of four beautiful children, infant and toddler teacher, and caterer. She resides in Jackson, MS where she advocates the success and self-sufficiency of single mothers and fathers in the areas of faith, finance, and mental health. Brianne’ has always enjoyed encouraging and feeding everyone she met. By the time she was 25, she had reached many in her community through encouraging words and hearty meals. Brianne’ began a home-based catering business and a non-profit organization. Now she is the owner and incorporator of Prayers Plates & Purpose Catering LLC and Mothers on the Move and Fathers out Front Incorporated. When she’s not working with children, food, or her nonprofit, she loves to write poetry/short stories, sitting by the water for relaxation and inspiration, and spending intimate time with her children. As purpose-driven as she is, she humbly walks daily in her Pit to Palace experience. She strives to make Jesus famous again for his divine healing power and ability to make those who were last at the anointed and appointed time first.


I chose mental health wellness and awareness because I am a living testimony that there is life after the diagnosis. I’ve overcame this personally as well as watched several family members fight and beat the odds. In my personal opinion Mental Health wellness and awareness should be taken just as seriously as physical health. Most Americans lack access to adequate mental health treatment, so they’re forced to suffer in shame and silence. It’s my hope that in these unfortunate cases these individuals can find peace and a proper care plan so they can live their best life Unapologetically. A healthy body starts with a healthy mind!

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