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Ms. Capital City 2021-2022


Jackson, Mississippi


Service Platform:

Mississippi Industries for the Blind



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About Me

I was born in Hazelhurst, MS to Robert and Mildred Sandifer. I am the oldest of three children born to this union. My family and I moved to Jackson, MS when I was 5 years old and have lived here since then. In 2006, during my senior year of high school, I lost my sister, Tawana, to heinous criminal act. In 2009, I become a mother to beautiful, sassy, dramatic, intelligent baby girl named Jada. I have two beautiful nieces named Summer and Jasmine.
I graduated from Murrah High School in 2006. In 2009, I began my post secondary training and academic to become a Certified Billing and Coding Specialist. After graduating, I found myself struggling to find an entry level position that did not require 2-3 years of experience to be qualified for the position. I did not give up though. I continued to seek employment while applying for the Medical Assistant training program. During my studies, I discovered that these two fields overlap each other in the administrative duties part of job. I knew made it the right. In 2012, I graduated and became a Certified Clinical Medical Assistant. In June 2013, I began my career as a CCMA at the Asthma and Allergy Center. Presently, I work as a Counselor Assistant for the Mississippi Department of Rehabilitation Services where I work with visually impaired and blind individuals. My goals are to go to back to finish Master's degree in Healthcare Administration and also obtain a Master's degree in Rehabilitation Counseling. My career goal is become a Certified Rehabilitation Counselor who specializes in vocational rehabilitation for the Blind.


One of the biggest things we take for granted is our sight. In the Christian faith, we often times say," thank you God for Life health and strength." Would sight be included in the health part of that? After all, you'll never know how important something is until it's gone. Watching the sunset or a sunrise on the horizon. Watching your children open their Christmas presents or watching your daughter at her ballet recital or your son's baseball game. These are all the things that we take for granted while there are individuals who are born without sight as well as those who lose their sight through disease, trauma, or simple genetics. Being able to see your daughter walk down the aisle to marry her prince charming or to see your being inducted into the sports hall of Fame is such an exclusive luxury that millions of people will never experience through sight.
With this platform, I plan to bring awareness to the visually impaired and blind community as well as their families. They simply want to live normal and independent lives just like the everyone else. Through different innovative technologies, computer programs, and vocational rehabilitation programs at the Addie McBryde Rehabilitation Center for the Blind, not only can this community live normally and independently, many can and do become employed and taxpaying citizens. While this may be my platform, I am simply a voice for the often misunderstood, forgotten, and so called "thrown away" individuals who only seek to be treated humanely and accepted by the world. They may have a disability but they are not disabled.

My Platform
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