Miss Jackson 2021-2022


Jackson, Mississippi


Service Platform:

Supporting Inner City Youth

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I am a hard working, goal driven, young mother. I have been working three jobs and in school. I have my Masters in Leadership/Management with Human Resources and back in school again. I had to stop for a minute due to being sick in the past couple of months. I am a very uplifting and open minded person to talk too. I do believe in everyone to express themselves no matter what type of situation they may be in or going through. I am in school to be a counselor so this is one reason why I like for people to express themselves and because you do not see this going on in the black community, my world. I am excited and nervous to even be participating in the Mississippi Plus America Pageant. This is something that is new to me and I’m ready for the challenge.


The reason why I chose this platform is because of the kids. I have a true natural love for them. It’s like I’m their second mother , as in home away from home. I love to support them, see them develop, and even succeed in reaching their goal. I have kids myself and I’m glad that I have the relationship that I have with them. They have taught and even showed me how other children can act when their parents aren’t around. This platform gives me the push I need to be one of the best mentors in a young child life.

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