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Former Teen Mississippi Plus America 2022


Hattiesburg, MS


Service Platform:

Mental Health Awareness



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About Me

My name is Takizah Gabriel daughter of Brandi Pace and Galvin Gabriel. I grew up in Columbia, Mississippi but am now living and representing the Hattiesburg, Oak Grove area. Currently, I am a Senior graduating with the class of 2022. I plan on continuing my education at Howard University or Spelman College going into the field of clinical therapy. My hobbies are reading, creative writing, and video and photo editing. I am very enthusiastic about being apart of something so much bigger than myself in order to show girls my age that beauty is so much more than the numbers on a scale or in a pair of jeans. I believe it’s important given today’s social climate for women and girls to feel not only comfortable in their own skin, but confident with themselves.


I chose my platform Mental Health Awareness because although it’s becoming more and more normalized as an important part of everyone’s life, there is still a good ways to go before everyone can get the help they deserve and need without judgment. Mental health is something that I have struggled with the same as others, as well as those around me. My platform has always been extremely important to me as the main inhibitor of attaining the help that is needed to address some mental health issues is communication. A lack of communication or inability to communicate, stands between so many people and being in a positive mental state, and that’s something that I believe we as a society need to work on. Accepting others as they are and encouraging them to seek help that they need can drastically alter the direction of a person’s life. I hope that one day I can be that first stepping stone for someone on their journey to better mental health.

My Platform
My Pageant Experience

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