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Ms. Tupelo Plus America 2023


Tupelo, MS


Service Platform:

Mental Health Awareness


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About Me

Hello my name is Brittney Dennis. I am a Union County resident, representing for Tupelo, MS (Lee County). I am 31 years old. I was born and partially raised in California. I moved to Crawford,MS with my mother and younger brother when I was 15 years old. Moving to MS from California was a huge culture shock for me! I graduated from Columbus High school in 2009. I then graduated from Virginia College in 2012 with my cosmetology degree! I am currently employed at Toyota Motor Manufacturing in Blue Springs MS! I do not have any children yet, I do plan to have children in the future! I am also the secretary M3 (MS Majestic Mares), which is a up and coming trial ride group! M3 is a sisterhood that loves to be involved with their community and giving back! My hobbies are starting and maintain locs cooking and singing and dancing around the house! I love spending time with my loved ones and learning new things about them. I plan to travel the world one day and meet new people! I am tremendously grateful for this opportunity to be apart of Mississippi Plus America and learn new and exciting new things and meet new beautiful souls where I hope to create longstanding friendships and bonds with!


I am excited to choose Mental Health awareness as my platform! Mental health can affect anyone and everyone! I want to help people be more aware and notice the signs before it’s too late! Earlier in 2022 I found out that I was pregnant and long story short I had an ectopic pregnancy and I had to have my right tube removed! The mental state that I had after my surgery was something that I'd never experienced before! Post traumatic stress along with postpartum depression had really taken a toll on me mentally, physically and definitely emotionally! The way my brain and my emotions were so darkened with woe, I’ve never felt anything like it! I knew a had to do something to change my situation because it was not a good thing to keep avoiding my friends and family and lying saying I was okay when I wasn’t! Fast forwarding to present day… I’ve been in therapy and getting better but as I look around me I see that so many people are going through deep dark times and not being able to come out of those places! People like Steven “ tWitch” Boss, Robin Williams, and Heath Ledger; just to name a few helped me see that everyone needs to find an outlet and reach out for help and possibly help save themselves from a terrible fate!

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