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Ms. Heart of Jackson Plus America 2023 / Community Service Winner


Jackson, MS


Service Platform:

Brain Cancer Awareness


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About Me

Ladies and Gentlemen, I am Pleshette Smith. The proud mother of Zacchaeus (27) and loving daughter and caregiver to my mom (Mary). I was born and raised in the "City with Soul", Jackson, Mississippi. I live life unapologetically in the gift the Lord has given me to take care of others. Traveling, cooking, experiencing physical activities that are discouraged due to "my size", fashion design, and modeling is where my passion lives.

I am an entrepreneur with a strong background combined with years of work experience in education, leadership, assessment specialist, and consultant. I currently hold a Bachelor’s degree in Elementary Education and a minor in Childcare and Family Education from “Thee I Love”, Jackson State University, a Master's in Special Education Leadership from Ashford University and am currently working on an Ed.D. in Special Education in the area of Autism at “Thee I Love”, Jackson State University.

As a community volunteer, motivational speaker, and business owner, and with the combination of my background and experiences, I have become a powerful attribute within the community for adults and children. I am the Ambassador for Black Girls Run! Jackson, Shero for Black Girls Do Bike Jackson, the founder, athletic director, and player for Jackson's 1st Adult Kickball League has allowed me to be involved in several community projects and activities. With my extensive background, commitment, and love for people, I have become a visible stakeholder and advocate for making a difference within the community.

As a Big Beautiful Woman (BBW), I am elated to be a delegate which will allow me to continue proving to others that, “your size does not define what your ability will be”.


I chose Brain Cancer Awareness as my platform! Brain Cancer hit our family in 1977 and the entire house was changed dramatically.
My sister at the age of twelve was diagnosed with a cancerous brain tumor on the outer lobe of the cerebrum the size of a grapefruit and required emergency surgery. Twenty years later from the first surgery date, we found ourselves experiencing the trauma again with the identification of another tumor that was removed at the age of twenty-seven. This time she lost her sight completely. Over the years, the cancerous tumors continue to grow at an alarmingly rapid rate which made it impossible to treat and allow her to recover between the surgeries. August 28, 2013, was a changing point in my life. My sister lost the battle to Brain Cancer after thirty-six years.
In honor of her, I donate my hair to Pantene Beautiful Lengths every other year. Also, I am a participant in "Be My Eyes” via an app, which is designed to help individuals that are blind find items and/or identify colors.
During my reign as MS Heart of Jackson Plus America 2023, I am determined to raise awareness of Brain Cancer Awareness, through helping educate adults and children on the diagnosis, symptoms, and surgeries and living life in a non-traditional way, yet unapologetically!

My Platform
My Pageant Experience

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