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Fall 2024 Pageant Application Form
(Apply for Pageant Season beginning Aug 2024)

This pageant system is open to all plus-sized women and teens within the State of Mississippi, size 12W+. "Littles" and "PreTeen" division has no size requirement. To be considered to compete for Mississippi Plus America, complete the form below.


  1. Obtain your parent's permission (if under 18) before completing this form.  Parents must sign this form if applicant is under 18.

  2. Please have a quality selfie or headshot ready to upload (White background preferred, no car selfies or bathroom selfies). No inappropriate photos allowed.

  3. Review the Competition Fees & Requirements before submitting this form.

  4. Once your application is received, you will be placed on the waitlist for Fall 2024 Competition.  Pageant Interviews are slated to begin August 1, 2024.

Complete Form and Submit $25 Application Fee
Upload Selfie/Headshot


Thanks for your interest in Mississippi Plus America!

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